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PVC-ball Soft-ball Gr4 Worldchampion-ball 2006

Action-WM 2006


...the ball keeps coming back again and again!

A great superball for everyone...
Hallo Ladys & Gentlemen,

Keep fit with fun!

How about this - gymnastics can`t get any easier. Simply tie the lace around your waist and off you go. How fast - you determine yourself. The ball, held by a rubber band, comes back as fast as you can throw it. Keep it going with your whole body, you`ll discover all shorts of new games as you play with the ball. No wonder the new Fitness Ball is so popular in sports schools, fitness studios, in clubs, at home or handicapping training. Here are six exercises in which you can get a real feel for the ball. Start off slowly then gradually increase the speed. You`re in top form if the ball never touches the ground. Have fun!

Don`t worry - be happy